Marriage Stones

Dís gallán ag seasamh in éineacht leis na cianta cairbreacha, séasúir, daoine, laethanta, sealaid ag sleamhnú thart, an saol ag athrú ina dtimpeall ach tá’id fós ann, taobh le taobh le spás bheag eatarthu ach péire iad mar sin féin, préamhaithe san ithir ó aimsir na díle. Tá a ndiongbháilteacht agus a mbuanseasamhacht ina ábhar iontais san am seo ina mholtar dúinn dúinn aon sean rud a chaitheamh uainn. B’fheidir go bhfuil ceacht le foghaim uathu!


Spring Zing!

Zingy Spring Pesto

I have a bit of a glut of Rocket lately and you know how it is if you don’t pick it Rocket  goes to seed while your back is turned, so I returned home today with heaps of it and then I spotted the Babington’s Leeks were well up a so I made a delicious  (if I say so myself) vegan friendly (inadvertently, no parmesan in the fridge!) pesto.

Grab a few handfuls of Babington’s Leeks, and rocket; remove any long wiry stalks

Finely chop a clove or two of garlic


Fools' Day Splash!

The long stretch in the evenings is so noticeable now and the weather has warmed up enough that the sun sparkle on the sea is more and more alluring, On Fools' Day the temptation became too much, and the kayak was hauled out of winter hibernation, washed down, checked over and made ready for her first splash of the season. And what a day it proved to be the sun was bright and the wind was calm perfect!  So with much trepidation and excitement she was launched off South Harbour Strand. That initial step into the water wasn’t too cold either!