Not your Usual Fry-Up!

Great stuff happening in the garden this June, elder flowers are abundant and I would like to share a lovely recipe given to me by two lovely German ladies, Theresa and Eva who stayed with us recently. They were surprised to see the elder growing here and it reminded them of their childhood in the countryside where they would often eat cooked elder flowers with ice-cream and I can say that they are delicious! They called them Holund I’m sure someone will correct the spelling!

The recipe is so easy…


Bring in the green on the May Day

Bringing in the green on May Day was a common yet lovely tradition around here, the idea was that by bringing greenery and the blue flowers of the periwinkle or Vinca Major you would also be bringing in good luck to the house. The tradition is ancient and even the Romans celebrated the Roman  goddess of flowers and vegetation, Flora from April 28th to May 3rd! Other piseogs incuded the fanciful notion that washing one's face in the dew on May Day morning would result in astounding beauty, no need for plastic or serums then!