Fools' Day Splash!

The long stretch in the evenings is so noticeable now and the weather has warmed up enough that the sun sparkle on the sea is more and more alluring, On Fools' Day the temptation became too much, and the kayak was hauled out of winter hibernation, washed down, checked over and made ready for her first splash of the season. And what a day it proved to be the sun was bright and the wind was calm perfect!  So with much trepidation and excitement she was launched off South Harbour Strand. That initial step into the water wasn’t too cold either!

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'One Positive Thought Could Change Your Day'-even in January!

So many people feel the January blues but not here,not this year. The weather has been kind with bright skies and warm temperatures not to mention calm seas. Right now January is just great!

The daffodils are marching ahead so fast you can almost see them growing in front of you, and it won’t be too long before the first blooms emerge, the Camellias are also just about to bloom and I think for the very first time the Bear’s Breeches are going to flower, they were grown from tiny seed a few years ago, and never flowered but this might just be their year.

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A Visit to Mara Island Heritage Farm

Sometimes we take for granted the most lovely things that are on our own doorstep and we don’t take time to visit them so today I decided to be a tourist and walk the Gleann Loop and then visit Fiona Mac Lachlann’s Mara Island Heritage Farm. I was very much in luck because Fiona was just about to go about feeding the animals.  First we went off to see the pigs Mela and Madhu, with their family of very cute and well fed banbhs (piglets).

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Cape Clear Creators

Cape Clear Island is one of those places that is so lovely that it seems to inspire creativity and Marianne Ross  is one of a vibrant community of creators residing on Cape. Marianne’s work is informed by the striking beauty of the wild Atlantic sea-scape that is ever changing.  Marianne creates handcrafted items for children and adults that really are Made in Cape Clear.

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“.. there is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats'

“Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. Simply messing' he went on dreamily: 'messing -- in -- boats; messing”

― Kenneth Grahame


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Bring in the green on the May Day

Bringing in the green on May Day was a common yet lovely tradition around here, the idea was that by bringing greenery and the blue flowers of the periwinkle or Vinca Major you would also be bringing in good luck to the house. The tradition is ancient and even the Romans celebrated the Roman  goddess of flowers and vegetation, Flora from April 28th to May 3rd! Other piseogs incuded the fanciful notion that washing one's face in the dew on May Day morning would result in astounding beauty, no need for plastic or serums then! 

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