Fools' Day Splash!


Fools' Day Splash!

The long stretch in the evenings is so noticeable now and the weather has warmed up enough that the sun sparkle on the sea is more and more alluring, On Fools' Day the temptation became too much, and the kayak was hauled out of winter hibernation, washed down, checked over and made ready for her first splash of the season. And what a day it proved to be the sun was bright and the wind was calm perfect!  So with much trepidation and excitement she was launched off South Harbour Strand. That initial step into the water wasn’t too cold either! The sound of the waves shushing through the rocks combined with the fresh iodine sea air are like a drug compelling me to get out there.  A very happy afternoon was spent paddling about and just stopping and drifting to listen to the sounds, water flowing down from the Glen; shushing around the rocks, waves lapping against the kayak and the odd cry from a distant seagull, the hum of a strimmer, a cow calling her calf. Drifting over rocks, admiring a piece of seaweed floating away in the turquoise water, I wonder when the basking sharks might return. In a world where most of our time is devoted to the tyranny of timetables, rosters and responsibilities you must step outside and take a break, let the wind be master and dictate your path. Even though the harbour is the same, and view hasn't changed being there is always a unique experience,whether the tide is ebbing or flooding, or those minutes when the tide is either in or out neither coming nor going,  the slack water, the variables are infinite and bestow a different quality to the experience of being on the water so that it’s never dull. What better way is there to spend an afternoon?


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