Spring Zing!


Spring Zing!

Zingy Spring Pesto

I have a bit of a glut of Rocket lately and you know how it is if you don’t pick it Rocket  goes to seed while your back is turned, so I returned home today with heaps of it and then I spotted the Babington’s Leeks were well up a so I made a delicious  (if I say so myself) vegan friendly (inadvertently, no parmesan in the fridge!) pesto.

Grab a few handfuls of Babington’s Leeks, and rocket; remove any long wiry stalks

Finely chop a clove or two of garlic

Put in a pot or deep bowl and whizz with a blender stick or use a food processor (if you have washing up fairies in your kitchen!)

Add enough oil to make a decent sauce consistency, not too runny and not too thick.

Add a good handful of walnuts and whizz

Add the juice of half a lemon (add more if not zingy enough)

Add zest of lemon

Add a good pinch of coarse sea-salt

This is lovely over pasta, chicken, pork, fresh fried mackerel, and roast beef. It adds a kick to pizza. There are few things that can’t be improved by adding some green spring zing to it!

There is so much green garlicky goodness in this that is has to be good for you!



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